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Latest blog posts

How to write a case study

Case studies can tell your brand story better than you can! Instead of creating a list of frequently asked questions or a boring fact sheet, consider explaining a particular experience or issue by talking with a real-life customer or client – then writing...

What the public service taught me

I’m incredibly grateful for all my years as a public servant. Yes, really I am!

More than words

A document, website, fact sheet or report is going to be easy to read, understand and enjoy if it’s more than just words on a page. Think photos, pull-out quotes or graphs. Here are some tips to get your message across.

The ‘perfect’ draft

It has taken me years to accept there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ draft. That’s why it is called a draft! The writing process is exactly that: a process. Words don’t always magically appear on the page. The process involves research, time, feedback, changes, rethinking your approach, more research, editing, and occasionally, letting go of your ego.

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