Who is on the path?

Shae Lalor started The Write Path after taking a slight detour on her own career journey. With a desire to return to her passion for writing and to carve out a balanced approach to work, Shae took a leap into the exciting world of small business.

Crafting words to tempt, explain, simplify or invite is Shae’s specialty. Making sure those words follow the basic rules of grammar and punctuation is, well, fun for Shae!

With a career spanning more than 15 years in marketing and communications, Shae also has a broad base of skills and experience to supplement her love for the written word.

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Shae was engaged as the editor on a report that was the combination of two years of research. The content was far from a finished draft, but Shae was able to bring it to life in an incredibly well written and professional document. What was a standout for me, was that Shae took the time to build a deep understanding of all the research topics. This enabled her to not only write great copy, but she was able to add content that enhanced the research findings. Actually what was a bigger standout is that she is fun to work with, handles pressure extremely well and she placed as much importance on the outcome of the project as I did. There is no doubt that the final report would not have presented the research in such an easy to read and understandable way without Shae being involved.

Patrick O'Connor

Author, TKZ

Cutting out the drama

When you explain your requirements, it will be to Shae. When you need an accurate quote, Shae will send it to you. And Shae will be the one writing or editing your project.

Shae can become an asset to your project, without you needing to hold her hand. She can get started with a short brief and you can get back to the rest of your to-do list.

Experience matters

Having worked in – and managed – communication teams, and implemented marketing strategies for many years, Shae knows what it is like to manage multiple projects with changing parameters. She also knows that sometimes there are many things happening in the office that prevent the best messages getting to the right people at the ideal time.

Shae relies heavily on intuition to help her understand client requirements quickly and instinctively, and to step into the reader’s shoes. Often, these insights cannot be found in any type of brief – and ultimately, they save you time.

Professional Member – Canberra Society of Editors

Professional MemberInstitute of Professional Editors (IPEd)

Member – ACT Writers Centre

Member – Flying Solo

Member  ACT Government Creative Services Panel

Member Australian Government (Department of Human Services) Creative and Digital Communication Panel (Authoring and editorial)IPEd logo

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