Web content writing

Your website may be the ONLY interaction a potential client or customer has with your business.

Is it making the best impression it can?

When writing web content, Shae focuses on:

  • accurately representing the tone or ‘voice’ of your brand
  • providing an excellent first impression
  • making it clear, easy to read and understand
  • helping both your new and existing clients
  • keeping it consistent with other marketing efforts
  • helping you rank on search engines
  • removing errors
  • providing a clear call to action
  • suggesting simple and consistent navigation
  • making it user-friendly for all users (accessible)
  • using helpful page links (internal and external).

See examples of web content writing and rewriting.

Make it a magical experience

Your web content, design, imagery and technical set-up needs to be spot-on. All the pieces of the puzzle need to fit together seamlessly. You just know this magic when you scroll it.

There’s no use spending all your time and money on a great design if your content is confusing or littered with typos.

Similarly, your words might be beautifully crafted, but if the navigation is confusing or the tech isn’t mobile-responsive, you’ll lose out.

Bring it all together with the right messages structured the right way, and you’ll be on the right path.

Target your people (then the bots)

First, your web content should target your clients or customers. Add a little something extra to your content to generate an emotion or action from the reader. Reflect what will appeal to them.

Get the grammar, spelling and punctuation right, but don’t let it interfere with the creativity or flow of the writing.

Then, take the time to think about those search engines – particularly as that’s how many people will find your website. When your content is optimised for search engines, you’ll have a better chance of landing a higher organic ranking.

Optimised keyword phrases, title tags, headings, alt-text, meta descriptions and image file names can all make a difference to those bots or spiders finding your website.

Need help sharpening up your website content and structure? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Write Path works with reputable designers to build websites and project manage the process. Find out more.

There are not many people who have the unique ability to make sense of large amounts of sometimes complex information and to provide independent feedback to enhance marketability through more effective communication. Shae exceeded all of my expectations in providing an independent review of my website to enhance the content and messaging to meet the needs of a wider audience. The outcome is absolutely fantastic and has greatly improved my ability to brand and market my business.

Ben Cook

CEO, Human + Systems Excellence

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