The Write Path is based in Canberra, offering business copywriting, content writing, editing and proofreading services.

Reliable, professional and insightful, Shae at The Write Path will help you make the best possible impression with your words.

Not sure where to start? Ask me a question now!

She has a way with words that is invaluable, we call it ‘her magic dust’ – making the end product truly shine. 


Shae at The Write Path is our secret weapon in the war against boring ‘been done’ content. 


We would not have won the 2023 GOLD Award for best Cultural Tourism Destination at the National Tourism Awards without her.


Shae enhanced my content to make it web-ready, accessible and relevant.


There is no doubt that the final report would not have presented the research in such an easy to read and understandable way without Shae being involved.


Everyone working on the project was thrilled with Shae’s professionalism and positive attitude.

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