Starting this new business venture of mine has required plenty of reflection time.

Finding my path has meant delving into the depths of my original passions at school. Things like creative writing, devouring novels, and dreams of running my own business with a ‘briefcase’ in hand.

I have reviewed my skills, experience and contacts to consider if this is even the right path for me.

Yet there have been times where I just can’t remember what I have achieved. Times when I can only vaguely remember that big change-management project I worked on, or that story I wrote at school about my best friend and the independence she found with her snazzy motor-scooter.

We are so quick to tick things off the list and move to the next project, that sometimes we don’t embed the successes in our memory banks.

Learning to sell myself as a reputable business owner means I have to embed those memories. My successes need to be evident. They need to emanate from me. I’m still working on that…

So maybe it is time to sit back for an hour or two and remember. Find some old references (remember when these were typed up in your portfolio?), look at your school reports (if you’re game), go digging in the garage for your earliest creative endeavours.

We are what we create.

Write stuff down.

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