Let’s get something straight.

Getting help from a writer doesn’t imply that your writing is inferior.

In fact, more often than not, I’m both inspired and impressed by the quality of the writing out there. The content I receive is often thorough, considered and insightful.

Yet inevitably, we all get too close to our work.

Working day-in and day-out on the same subject matter, refining drafts over and again, and dealing with internal squabbles over style or substance, can really get you down.

I know, I’ve been there too.

That’s why an external point of view can be extremely helpful.

Even if you’re an expert, sometimes it’s necessary to bring in fresh eyes to turn your draft into a final.

Perhaps this sounds like you:

  • You’re too close. You’ve been there from the beginning. You know the policy, the subject, the target audience and the internal players. You are seeing the same text every day – actually, you’re just skimming because it looks so familiar. It’s very possible that you will miss something.
  • The information has come from everywhere. Multiple authors have written the material. The key messages are buried in there, but it just doesn’t read well. There is repetition and it’s confusing to follow. But you’re running out of time to review it all again.
  • It’s written for the business, not the audience. Yes, the line areas are happy that their main messages are included and they have even signed it off. But it reads like an internal report. Will it really appeal to your audience/s?
  • You’re in a state of ‘overwhelm’. You have way too much to do! Each day you’re faced with oodles of conflicting pressures and interruptions. How can you get the head space to edit and refine all this text when you need to tick off so many other priorities?
  • They’re just not listening to you. Yep, you’re a strong writer and you know your stuff. But because you’re part of the business, you’re having trouble convincing all the players to take your advice. Sometimes an external point of view can convince everyone to agree.
  • You are a Jack or Jill of all trades. You love to write and can appreciate the strength of a well-constructed piece. However, writing is just one smidge of your role. You are called on to provide expert advice on many other things and you can’t dedicate the time you need to the writing.

I see people in these situations regularly. I have been these people! I also frequently read websites and documents that reek of these backend issues.

So if you need fresh eyes to take you over the finish line, talk to a writer. Better yet, talk to me!

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