As is usually the case at the beginning of a fresh, new year, the word ‘goal’ has been flittering about. It has been popping up regularly in my news feeds and finding its way into conversations with friends.

I figure the universe is telling me to set some goals, or at least a vision, for 2016.

I draw a thick, although occasionally fuzzy, line between work and life goals. If I’m achieving my healthy life goals, this inevitably improves my energy and output. Similarly, if I’m kicking it at work, I worry less and enjoy the feeling that perhaps I’m doing something right with this life of mine. I don’t always define the goals; I just know what I need to do to feel good.

Even so, smart businesses set goals. It makes perfect sense to reflect on your learnings and grow from them. And voila, set them goals.

But for some reason I can’t bring myself to set SMART goals this year. I want to keep mine broad and inspiring, not just a tick-the-box exercise.

That’s why I’ve decided that these three statements will guide my business decisions in 2016:

  • Ride the rollercoaster. Run when it’s busy and enjoy the rush, then take a breather when it’s slow. Listen to the flow and go with it.
  • Feed the brain. Read, listen and learn. My brain is my business, so give it the fertiliser, sun and water it needs to be its best. Make time for this EVERY week.
  • Think bigger. Explore new relationships, search for collaborative projects, build on existing partnerships. Don’t be limited by my own – or others’ – expectations.
Goals for 2016: ride the rollercoaster, feed the brain, think bigger. Share on X

Now, onto that action plan…


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